CMD Procurement Portal for Empanelment of Consultants


  1. Bidders are advised to thoroughly read the RFP document prior to the submission of Bid.
  2. For the submission of Technical Bid, the Bidder must ensure that:
    • All relevant documents have been included in the Bid, as per the checklist given in Form 3.1 of Annexure 3 in the RFP document.
    • The Technical Bid is a single document (in .pdf format only), containing all relevant documents.
  3. The submission of the Bid shall imply that the Bidder has read the contents of the RFP Document (RFP No. KIIFB/CMD/001/2022 dated 12-01-2022) and has accepted all the terms and conditions mentioned in the RFP document.
  4. If the Bidder wishes to apply for empanelment to more than one Consultant positions, then he/she may apply for all such positions, using the "Add" feature within the portal.
  5. The Financial Bid shall be submitted by entering name and values only, in the MS Excel workbook provided in the website of CMD. The MS Excel workbook thus prepared must have the Financial Bids for all consultant positions the Bidder wishes to apply for.
  6. Utmost care must be taken while entering Email ID and Mobile Number, as further communications regarding empanelment may be through the registered Email ID and Mobile Number.
  7. Pre-Bid meeting will be held on January 19, 2022, at 03.00 p.m. Please use the link below to join the meeting.

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